Foundation Underpinning UK Contractor Services”

BSB Construction Ltd can provide a diverse range of underpinning techniques for ground level reduction and subsidence. Our expertise and engineering capabilities enable us to offer you the most economic and appropriate solution for your underpinning project whether it large or small, whether due to subsidence, or the existing structure needs to support an additional storey. Our clients include many major insurance companies, and Local Authorities.

All of our underpinning works comes with a 12year insurance backed guarantee.


Underpinning Services are as follows;


Traditional Mass Pour Underpinning

The most traditional and more commonly used method of underpinning is tradition mass pour underpinning. The structure to be underpinned has sections excavated in a sequence to a pre established depth below the existing foundation. Once inspected by the local building control, the excavated pit is then filled with concreted. This sequence is continued until the structure has been securely underpinned.
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Underpinning with Screw Piles and Brackets

Screw piling is an effective alternative to traditional underpinning, where the structure in question may require deep excavations, or where the access is far too restricted for the use of a piling rig. Here, a two man crew manage the piling by hand, or with the use of a mini excavator.

The advantage to using this method is the ability to install up to 25 screw piles per day, reducing labour costs significantly compared to conventional piling methods.   Reduction in muck away cost is also an advantage, as screw piling produces almost no spoil

Working both in tension and compression makes screw piling ideal for underpinning work used in conjunction with an underpinning support bracket.

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Pile and Beam Underpinning

This technique is used in conjunction with our mini piling options. Mini-piles are installed to both sides of the wall; an area of the brickwork is removed from below ground level. A pre-fabricated steel cage is installed to span over the two piles. Once inspected by local building control, it is then filled in and reinforced with concrete. This process may also be used in combination with Helibeam masonry reinforcement.

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Cantilever Pile and Beam Underpinning

Similar to the installation of pile and beam method of underpinning, this technique uses the piles in compression and tension, all works are executed from the exterior of the property, therefore, saving substantial costs in the removal of internal floors and fixtures. This method can be carried out with screw piles, conventional piles and in conjunction with Helibeam masonry reinforcement.

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Piled Raft Underpinning

This method of underpinning is used when the whole property needs to be underpinned, if the excavations are too deep, or is the ground is exceptionally hard that the equipment cannot work effectively.  All floors are removed and mini-piles constructed as per required loading conditions. Small areas of brickwork below footings are removed; reinforced needle beams are placed to take the load as per the engineer’s specification, and linked together with a ring beam. Once inspected by the local building control and then concreted is poured in.

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BSB Construction offer a full range of groundwork services are available in addition to the piling contractor services above,  including drainage, concrete formwork, steel fixing, footings excavation, underpinning and foundations.

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