“Piling Foundations, Underpinning and Mini Piling UK Contractor Services”

BSB Construction offers a wide range of piling methods for foundations and underpinning. Our modern piling rigs can traverse all ground conditions, providing you with an economic and appropriate piling solution for your development whether it large or small.


We provide the following piling services;

Mini Piling – Auger Bored and Driven Piles

For smaller sites with limited access, or sites that are environmentally sensitive, the mini piling rig is ideal on a wide range of projects for example house extensions, conservatory bases, or detached building plots.

  • Mini augered piles are installed in diameters of 150mm, 200mm, 300mm.
  • Steel cased bottom driven mini displacement piles are 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 168mm, 193mm, 220mm, 273mm, 323mm.

All of our mini piling methods are available with full anti-heave precautions.

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Continuous Flight Auger / CFA Piling

On large open sites with unstable ground the Continuous Flight Auger piles are the best solution for piling works as the auger stays in the pile bore to the final depth. As the CFA is withdrawn, concrete is slowly injected through the hollow stem of the auger into the pile.
CFA is the quietest form of for forming piles suitable for noise sensitive sites.

  • CFA pile are installed in diameters of 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, and 600mm.

All of our mini piling methods are available with full anti-heave precautions.

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Screw Piles

On a site with restricted access, a piling rig may be unsuitable. A steel screw piling is an effective solution to this. They can be installed with a two man crew by hand or with the use of a mini excavator, making it an economic piling solution.

  • Install up to 25 screw piles per day, reducing labour costs significantly compared to conventional piling methods.
  • Screw piles work both in tension and compression making them ideal for underpinning work where they are used in conjunction with underpinning support brackets.
  • Reduces muck away cost as screw piling produces almost no spoil.
  • Available in a range of lengths and sizes with working loads in excess of 400-500kN.

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Grundomat Driven Piles

Sites with restricted access, in areas that virtually no other piles can attain, a Grundomat driven piles create a highly effective piling solution. Piles operated by a Grundomat pile driving hammer are the most versatile piling solutions for restricted access locations like railway embankments, or on a much smaller scale for example conservatories.

Grundomat driven piles are designed to use a minimal amount vibration, which essential when piling has to be carried out in noise sensitive locations. Most effective for home extensions and conservatories in residential areas.

  • Diameters available100 mm/150 mm/165 mm.
  • Minimum vibration.
  • SWL of up to 130 kN.

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Contiguous Piled Retaining Wall

For basements and ground stabilisation, or when the ground where there is an adjoining property must be maintained, a partial underground retaining all is required, contiguous piled retaining walls is the best method.  The piles are installed approximately 50mm -100mm apart, subject to ground conditions, and are connected together by a reinforced concrete ground beam on top.

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BSB Construction  offer a full range of groundwork services are available in addition to the piling contractor services above,  including drainage, concrete formwork, steel fixing, footings excavation, underpinning and foundations.

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