Ground Beams & Precast Reinforced Concrete Ground Beam Contractor Services throughout the UK”

BSB Construction Ltd offers a full range of ground beam techniques and UK wide contractor services.

Ground beams are manufactured off site to improve construction timings by reducing poor ground conditions and removing wet concrete trade on site.

Designed to support brick/block work, ground beams can also be used form a definitive shutter to the edge of in-situ concrete floor slabbing.

Ground Beams are moulded into rectangles or squares, however, if notches / half end plates / sloped faces are required, ground beam can be supplied to order.

Piled ground beams are used for extensions, single or multiple plots. Methods of installation are:

  • Cast in-situ in excavated trenches.
  • Shuttered and cast at a reduced level.

BSB Construction Ltd can offer a fully integrated service in foundation design for both piling and construction of ground beams. This includes the completion of piling, excavation, and beam construction.

BSB services includes:

  • Beam design from Architects drawing.
  • NHBC building and Local Authority approval
  • All excavation and shuttering works
  • Scheduling and fixing reinforcing steel
  • Pouring and compacting concrete

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