Our goal is to deliver a professional and dependable service to our clients on all projects whether residential, commercial or industrial when laying our high-quality concrete floors. So, if you are looking for one of the most enduring and reliable of flooring materials then contact us to see how you can benefit from its easy care, versatility and longevity.

We can expertly advise on choosing products and materials, and in order to safeguard correct upkeep following installation, we provide a complete maintenance guide and offer a range of methods and styles including:


A brushed concrete floor provides high-slip resistance, allows surface water to drain to inbuilt falls and is suitable for a wide range of uses, for example vehicles, foot traffic and hydraulic equipment.

The finish is a result of pulling a variety of brushes over the surface following levelling. Depths depend upon loadings, and are usually 200mm with drying time dependent on mix design. Bar or mesh reinforcement is advocated.


Coloured concrete floors are robust and appropriate for high-movement areas dependent upon depth and are common within polished concretes. Colour can be integral, dry-shake or surface-applied as a stain or coating. Proper mix design, precise production, correct finishing and curing are essential.

Integral coloured concrete floors are more sustainable and can be repeatedly polished with depths normally ranging from 75mm to 350mm dependent on loadings. Bar and mesh reinforcement is recommended.

Hand trowelled

A hand trowelled concrete floor is normally used in foot traffic areas where power float access is not possible and is often food in stairs, corridors and plant rooms.

Concrete supplied may be premixed or mixed on site and is placed, ruled off to required level, surface allowed to stiffen then steel trowelled over to close the matrix. Minimum depth is 75mm and steel mesh reinforcement is advocated.


A polished concrete floor presents a contemporary look, which is easily maintained and suitable for commercial buildings, hotels, homes and extensions. The mirror-like surface finish can vary according to colour, design and any additional materials or objects added just before polishing.

So if you would like to find out more about this stylish, low-maintenance and smooth concrete floor then contact our experts who can help you choose the most suitable look for your project.

Power floated

A power floated concrete floor generates a heavy-duty, smooth and dense finished surface, suitable for foot and fork lift subject to depth.  The power-float finishing machine is designed to smooth and to some extent level the concrete surface to a remarkably high tolerance.

Normal depths range between 75mm and 350mm and floors can be reinforced with mesh, plastic or steel fibres. Additional finishes are not necessary however resins or screeds can be applied to the surface or it can be polished.


A tamped concrete floor is achieved by repeatedly raising and lowering a beam so compacting the surface. This results in a rough, coarse and non-slip finish suitable for traffic where maximum grip is required. Grooves should preferably follow the direction of drainage falls on ramps.

Depths depend upon slab design and use however would normally be 200mm as a minimum. This type of finish may wear quickly in heavily utilised areas.

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