At UK Piling & Underpinning we are constantly striving to improve our environmental responsibilities, not only in our site operations, but also with our office an also through our design work.


Design/Tendering Office –  All of our geotechnical work is designed to use the most efficient and least invasive methods of piling;

  • Where possible, we eradicate (or reduce) spoil removed from the ground by using small displacement driven ductile iron piles, driven BSP or grundomat driven piles, or displacement auger piles. All of these give high load capacities for very small ground footprint, and for small usage of new raw materials.


  • All timber piles are either sustainably sourced under the FSC banner or recycled.  For temporary works, where possible, helical screw piles are used allowing them to be  removed following use, and also cause the least soil disturbance,


  • In terms of our steel, BSB Construction aims to design to gain optimal use the capabilities of the steel we use.   We recycle all of our waste steel.


  • We promote the use of lime piles to give a considerably improved bearing capacities, also using a natural material for soil improvement. We also use electro-osmosis systems to improve ground strengths.


Through Site Operations, we are sensitive to our environmental impact, and reduce it by;

  • Limiting our waste- we use state-of-the-art machinery that minimise spoil.


  • All waste materials are sent to our head office compound.


  • To reduce our carbon footprint, we reduce our emissions and fuel consumption by regularly servicing our plant.


  • To reduce dust emissions, all drilling is performed with either foam or water where practical, dust collection units are used on rigs.


  • Noise suppression units and fume extractions on exhausts are used on rigs, especially in areas such as live retail units and residential areas.


Electrically operated equipment can be used in areas of extreme high sensitivity.